Review: Magic Trixie

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October 18, 2012 by shepla

Copyright 2008 by Jill Thompson

Candy, schmandy. A better Halloween treat for the elementary-school-age girls in your life is a Magic Trixie book. Magic Trixie is a sweet story about a young witch with a baby sister who’s getting all the attention. And worse, she’s got to think up a trick that none of her friends have seen before for her class’s show-and-tell. Her friends span the gamut from twin vampires to an Egyptian mummy and they are all as cute as can be. And you can prolong your time with Trixie with Magic Trixie Sleeps Over and Magic Trixie and the Dragon.

Jill Thompson’s color paintings are not only cute, they’re absolutely gorgeous. It’s sad when kids begin outgrowing picture books, but with graphic novels this beautiful, you won’t miss those days when you had to read everything out loud.

Trixie’s school is a lot more interesting than mine was.

Even Trixie’s bright-pink curly hair and magic powers aren’t getting her the attention she craves…

Thompson has illustrated scores of comics for Bongo, Marvel, DC, Topps, and Dark Horse (including X-Men, Spider-Man, and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman)–as well as written and illustrated her own Scary Godmotherbooks and comics, among other projects. She’s fantastic, and I’m so happy that her work is accessible for young comics fans.

The Magic Trixie books are recommended for ages 8-12, and they’re $8.99 each from HarperCollins.


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