Halloween Classic: John Stanley’s Melvin Monster


October 31, 2012 by shepla

Copyright 2009 by the John Stanley Estate

If you’re like me and are too wimpy for horror comics, what better way to celebrate Halloween than with a classic retro comic of Melvin Monster? I love everything by John Stanley, who worked as a comics scripter form the 1940s through the 1960s and is most famous for the Little Lulu comics. Melvin Monster was a short-lived 1960s comic in which Stanley played with backwards ideas of normality. Melvin’s mother “Mummy” tells him to bite her goodnight, and his father “Baddy” sets up his slide so he lands straight into the daggerberry bush, which leave painful prickers all over his body. Melvin really wants to go to school, but his parents want him to play hooky. That kind of thing.

Even in the twisted world of Melvin Monster, though, Mummy cooks the meals, wearing a frilly pink apron.

Drawn and Quarterly‘s hardcover collections of Melvin Monster comics are beautifully designed in a modern-retro style, with patterned end-papers and front matter. I love the elevation of comics in these elegant hardbound volumes!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Copyright 2009 by the John Stanley Estate


4 thoughts on “Halloween Classic: John Stanley’s Melvin Monster

  1. You have good taste. These John Stanley comics are awesome. I’m glad to see them back in print.

  2. shepla says:

    Me too! I am still building my Drawn & Quarterly John Stanley collection. I love them all. Have you gotten any for Tigerlily yet?

  3. Stephen C. says:

    Yes, this guy’s great. A few of Drawn + Quarterly’s recent FCBD offerings have been collections of Stanley’s comics and they’re always lots of fun.

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